anuary 29, 2018

A new site crowdfunding site has been setup to help raise money to add additional space for the more than 500+ children the orphanage provides meals for everyday.

November 10, 2017

"I hope this letter finds you and your family happy and healthy! Specially YOU Marie! 

Our extended program has continued to grow and is a true Oasis for many children and adolescents who rely only on our care and support. Most of the kids that you met depend on us and without people like you, we could not manifest many of the things they need. 
It is a great satisfaction to see those kids becoming good citizens, an example for their community and later on good and reliable professionals.

We would love you, and your angels, to come and see all the changes and improvements we made for our 511 kids this year.

Last month was very challenging with 2 hurricanes which barely missed us.  We certainly had damages, and tons of rain, but nothing compared to Puerto Rico. I had every one praying non stop and God heard us. Alleluia.


With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up soon, we will give our blessings for the 18  years or more we have fed and educate so many Dominicans. Thank You." Dominica


Blessings to you and your many dedicated teachers and helpers.  Marie and caring friends.

Letter from Dominica